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v4.0 Upgrade Guide

Nuget organization changes

The Mapsui core package has been split up into:

  • Mapsui.
  • Mapsui.Tiling, which has a dependency on BruTile. It contains everything related to the raster tiles, like the TileLayer.
  • Mapsui.Nts, which has a dependency on NetTopologySuite (NTS). It replaces everything that was in Mapsui.Geometries.
  • Mapsui.Rendering.Skia.

Other changes

  • Namespaces have changed following the nuget changes.
  • Where you used Mapsui.Geometries you should now use Mapsui.Nts. The geometries themselve have been replaced by NTS.
  • Mapsui.Geometries project has been removed, and replaced with NTS geometries.
  • Mapsui.Geometries.Point was replaced by Mapsui.MPoint
  • Mapsui.Geometries.BoundingBox was replaced by Mapsui.MRect.
  • Mapsui.Projection moved to Mapsui.Projections.
  • Mapsui.Rendering.Skia.CalloutType moved to Mapsui.Styles.CalloutType.
  • Feature was replaced by: PointFeature or GeometryFeature or RectFeature or RasterFeature.
  • The Features collection was removed and replace by and an IEnumerable<IFeature> (could be a List or Array).
  • A RasterFeature now needs a RasterStyle or it will not be visible.
  • The Viewport class was replaced with an immutable record. Many methods that were previously in Viewport are now in Navigator or Viewport.Extensions.
  • MapControl.Navigator moved to MapControl.Map.Navigator.
  • MapControl.Viewport moved to MapControl.Map.Navigator.Viewport
  • INavigator was removed use Navigator instead.
  • The Navigator.NavigateTo overloads were replaced with several methods with more descriptive names, like ZoomToBox.