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Updated Januari 2024

Mapsui 4

Branch: develop/4.1. Milestone: v4.1. Mapsui v4.1.x is the stable version you should use.

  • Use NTS for geometries
  • License to MIT
  • Improve Viewport logic
  • Improve MVVM support #1731
  • Improve samples
  • Add MAUI MapControl
  • Add Blazor MapControl
  • Add Uno Platform MapControl
  • Add Avalonia MapControl
  • Add Eto MapControl
  • Add 'getting started' tutorials for all platforms
  • Keep fixing bugs

Mapsui 5

Branch: main. Milestone: v5.0. We are working on a series of preview releases.

Focus: More shared code in platforms. This will affect MapControls, Widgets and manipulation (touch and mouse). The underlying objective is to make the development process faster by removing everything that slows us down.

  • Lowest supported version to .NET 6 (remove .netstandard)
  • All samples and tests to .NET 8.
  • Cleanup:
    • Rename master to main.
    • Run dotnet format on the entire solution.
    • Run dotnet style on the entire solution.
    • Run dotnet analyze on the entire solution.
    • Always propagate async back to the caller.
    • Remove nuget packages that we previously needed for things now supported in .NET 6.
    • Remove code copies of things now in .NET 6 (in the past we copied some .NET Core things which were not in .NET standard).
    • Remove the #if defines we do not need anymore.
    • Remove all scripts and configurations we do not use anymore.
    • Simplify the build scripts now that we do not need the workarounds.
    • Use <Nullable>enable</Nullable> everywhere (Add to Directory.Build.props) and revisit all current suppressions.
    • Fix the remaining warnings wrt IDispose.
  • Remove older frameworks:
    • Remove Xamarin.Forms (but not Mapsui.MAUI, Mapsui.iOS and Mapsui.Android).
    • Remove Uno UWP (but not Mapsui.Uno.WinUI)
    • Remove Avalonia.V0 (but not Avalonia)
  • Merge MapView functionality into MapControl. We need to work this out in more detail.
    • Add extension methods for Map to make it easy to add MapView functionality to the MapControl. A few:
      • AddMarkerLayer() extension which adds a layer with symbols and a callout style, which is toggled on click.
      • AddOpenStreetMapBackgroundLayer() which adds to a specific layer group and sets the Map CRS and perhaps more.
    • Make MyLocationLayer function property in Mapcontrol.
    • Add mechanism for layer grouping. Here is a proposal but perhaps we need something simpler.
  • Make Map dispose a layer when create function is used
  • Dispose the samples if needed.

Mapsui 6

Focus: Rendering.

  • Two step rendering. In the draw loop only draw skia object, create skia object in an earlier step
  • All redering through a single pipeline
  • World wrap
  • Add vector tiles

Other options:

  • Add support for GeoParquet
  • For possible other options you could browse through the 'design discussion' tags .